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Higher education is key—for Californians seeking economic and social mobility, for a state that is serious about creativity and innovation. To support accelerated and equitable student success across our communities, we must collaborate as never before, ensuring that our K-12 and higher education segments work as a system that provides clear, connected, powerful pathways to the future.

California can lead the world in how we serve our students

Making it possible for more students from every background and community to reach for their aspirations and fulfill their promise is essential to the vision of California for All. The Governor’s Council for Post-Secondary Education convenes leaders advising ways to:

  • Connect the experience—aligning segments from kindergarten to post-secondary to build a more coherent, navigable, and efficient learning ecosystem for all students
  • Expand the opportunity—disrupting persistent inequities to foster new access and achievement among students of color, low-income students, and first-generation college goers
  • See the success—supporting student persistence, degree attainment, and entry to high-opportunity occupations
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Recovery with Equity

Defining strategies, policies, and practices to help California’s post-secondary institutions emerge from the pandemic stronger and better poised to serve all students. The Recovery with Equity Taskforce presents eleven actionable recommendations.

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Intersegmental Working Group on Student Basic Needs

Developing a cost-effective, intersegmental statewide and/or regionalized approach—supported by concrete policy recommendations—that will help students in public colleges and universities meet their basic needs.

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Our work is student-centered, equity-driven, and guided by data

It prioritizes opportunities that follow the student, improve access and social supports for the most vulnerable, reduce costs and student debt, maximize options available to students, take into account regional education and workforce needs, and affirm the value of college going.

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California For All

The Governor’s Council for Post-Secondary Education envisions an integrated statewide system for post-secondary education that better serves California’s diverse students as part of a cradle-to-career educational continuum.

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